Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Voting Is Self Care

Not every day spend money on self-care. Sometimes the biggest things you can do for yourself are free – like ensuring that your voice is heard and your interests are represented by voting in your local elections.

Local elections in the UK have lower participation of young audiences than general elections. But they are important for policies and changes at a local level that affect these groups. The UK Democracy Fund wanted to engage and raise awareness of the local elections and encourage young people to vote.

Pocc teamed up with Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, the UK Democracy fund and Clear Channel to launch a social and outdoor campaign encouraging communities to get out and vote in the UK 2021 local elections.

Timed ahead of Mental Health Awareness week, the ‘Voting is Self Care’ campaign encouraged everyone to consider voting as an integral part of their self-care routine – right next to greasing your scalp and taking a hot bath to unwind.

The campaign was shared organically on Pocc’s channels and reposted by UK influencers and platforms including Clara Amfo, Topple and Burn, Jessie Ware, Amelia Dimoldenberg, Galdem, The Female Activists and even The Mayor of London, with a combined social following of 1.5 million. Beyond this, amplifying the campaign in DOOH across the UK generated 12 million impressions.

All of this achieved through the smart and tactical social approach of our Pocc team and wider community reaching out to their extended networks to get our communities voting.