About Pocc

We are Pocc. A creative network making cultural impact.

We exist to accelerate equality and equity, for culturally and ethnically diverse people in the creative industries and beyond. We do this through non-traditional ideas, creativity and activism.

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Our community is a place to meet and come together with like-minded creatives.

We collaborate, support and create opportunities for each other by sharing experience, advice, knowledge and ideas, using our collective talent and energy to make a difference both for ourselves and wider society.

We are a members collective of ethnically and culturally diverse creatives and our memberships are open to all who identify as such.


With an extensive network of artists and creative professionals - Filmmakers, Creatives, Designers, Directors, spanning the UK, Amsterdam and New York, Pocc offers a trans-national creative service applying fresh, authentic creative solutions to your organisations challenges. From studio and productions, to recruitment and consultancy, we offer a diverse range of services to meet your bespoke needs.