Crystal Ski and Gal-dem

Ski Holidays Research Report

POCC set out to investigate and understand the perception of winter and ski holidays amongst a UK BIPOC + LGBTQIA+ demographic. This research report, commissioned by Crystal Ski and Gal-dem, combined quantitative surveying and qualitative targeted focus groups to take a closer look at the following areas the values, need-states and barriers of our audience when it comes to booking a ski-holiday, what factors of a ski holiday have most appeal for this audience and what this audience want to see or feel from brands to convince them to travel with them on their next ski holiday.

Our report included recommendations for themes to include within content to authentically speak with this audience and led to a 3-part social content series produced by Gal-dem and Crystal Ski with influencers Tanya Compass and Haus of Darkwah.

Key barriers identified in the research:

  1. Cost is a major consideration for these travellers when booking a holiday. The price point alone of winter-sport holidays has deterred many of this audience from booking.
  2. The cold climate is a key barrier to booking a ski holiday amongst our survey respondents.
  3. Lack of winter sports experience causes anxiety around booking this type of holiday.
  4. Across all age groups, ethnicities and genders winter sports is seen as uninviting exclusionary and non safe for BIPOC

Opportunities for brands and companies to further engage this audience identified by the research include the following:

1. These travellers are more willing to go on a winter sports holiday if it were booked as a group venture

2. Learning winter sports as a new skill is considered a draw for those with a higher probability of conversion.

3. Emphasising more of the broader cultural benefits of a winter holiday destination could appeal to our audience’s general holiday booking preferences

4. Opportunity to represent and reframe the winter holiday experience as a holiday option for Black and Brown LGBTQIA+ people

Read the full report below

Ski Holidays and BIPOC Audiences Research Report 2021 POCC (1)