The Fitzwilliam Museum

Real Families: Stories of Change Exhibition Campaign

POCC Studios teamed up with the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge to concept and produce a 360 marketing campaign for their 2023 exhibition Real Families: Stories of Change.

Over the past 50 years, Western ideas of what makes a family and how family life is experienced, have been transformed by advances in science and by changes in social attitudes and law. Developed in collaboration with the world-leading Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge, the exhibition aimed to show how the joys, tensions and transitions in families have little to do with conforming to traditional structures. Instead, acceptance, rejection, conflict, and comfort arise from relationships within family groups of all kinds, and through connections with the outside world. This exhibition explored the intricacies of families and family relationships through the eyes of artists, bringing together painting, photography, video, sculpture and installations by artists including Paula Rego, Chantal Joffe, JJ Levine, Lucian Freud and Tracey Emin to tell moving and enduring stories of intimacy, alienation and everything in between.

POCC developed a creative strategy, comms plan, key visuals and digital content to deliver a holistic marketing campaign promoting the exhibition. The key visuals leveraged Chantal Joffe’s iconic artwork and a stripped back visual identity, appearing in outdoor, social, digital and print media inviting audiences to discover more and visit the exhibition.

Following the launch of the key visual campaign, POCC concepted, produced and launched a three-part digital content series collaborating with artist and art critic Ferren Gibson to host intimate conversations on family with some of the UK’s best-known creators and artists featured in the exhibit including Chantal Joffe, Hardeep Pandhal and Joy Labinjo. Alongside this POCC produced short B-Roll content showcasing the interior of the exhibition in its full design to give viewers a glimpse of what they could expect from the exhibition and capturing the positive press reviews. Content was posted on Fitzwilliam Instagram and Youtube channels in collaboration with the guests to expand reach with new audiences.

The Real Families: Stories of Change exhibition was open 6th October 2023 – 7th January 2024.