Clear Channel

Artist In Residence 2021

We believe in the power of artists to positively change the narratives and perspectives that are holding back society.

That’s why in 2021 Pocc collaborated with Clear Channel to create a new Artist In Residence fund designed to support and amplify underrepresented artists in outdoor media across the UK.

The ambition was to create an ongoing partnership that would promote the profiles of underrepresented Black, Brown and ethnically diverse artists, as well as inspire the masses through artistic responses to briefs set out by Pocc across the year:

  • Gender Equality Month (March): What does Gender Equality mean to you?
  • Mental Health Awareness Week (May): What are your secrets to self care?
  • Age (August): Age is so much more than a number. 
  • Pride (June): What Marsha P. Johnson did for me.
  • Black History Month (October): Black Peace


This year long collaboration delivered 6 million impressions through Clear Channel outdoor media placements and further more on social media. In addition, the collaboration saw our artists tackle a wide variety of topics from mental health to gender equality and Black peace. 

“I think it’s important to use art to raise awareness, start conversations and help bring about change. Being featured in this campaign felt good to contribute to something important. Being part of the LGBT community, it was cool to be able to say my thanks to Marsha. – Sarah Harris, Pride Artist In Residence

“Being a finalist has fuelled my passion to create more art, whether that’s in poetry or creative writing, knowing that someone out there will find comfort in it the way I have found solace in creating it. ” Cam – Mental Health Week Artist In Residence.

“Opportunities like POCC x Clear Channel give a voice and platform for those that wouldn’t usually get highlighted. If you told me a year ago that I’d see my work on billboards across the UK, I’d probably laugh because opportunities like these are unheard of in communities like mine. Opportunities where people get to see your work and discover who you are and what you do makes it all worth it.” – Jael – Gender Equality Artist In Residence