Members Information

We are a members collective and community of creative black and brown, like-minded people working in advertising, media, fashion, arts, film, photography and across the creative industries. We exist to accelerate equality, through positively changing the experiences of people of colour within these industries – today and for future generations.

Our WhatsApp Space

The Pocc WhatsApp group is a positive space for people to:

  • exchange opportunities
  • seek collaborations
  • share knowledge
  • connect with like-minded people
  • inform others about relevant events and news
  • hold concise, intelligent debate on issues relevant to our community
  • offer and ask for support and advice
  • advocate for change and take action

We are respectful of each other’s views and backgrounds; there is no space in the group for negativity, hate, -isms or -phobias.

We are a family of generosity and reciprocity so if you give to the group, please ensure you also reach out for help when needed. And if you take from the group, please ensure you contribute and help others.

The WhatsApp space is not for:

  • sharing negative energy, negative news stories or laughing at black or brown pain and trauma
  • calling/DMing people inappropriately
  • spam
  • complaints (any complaints should be sent to admins @nana or @kevin)
  • messaging at unsociable hours
  • holding lengthy one to one conversations in the main group (please always take to DM when relevant)

All members are expected to participate and contribute.

For more information on Pocc, please visit our website or if you have any questions, reach out to us on email.

This is a movement – a community of culture, created by people of colour, to help people of colour.