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Voluntary Role

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We are looking for a Head of Technology, an expert in their field and a core point of contact for the Presidents and other Workstream Leads to consult and work on briefs. They should have good knowledge of the members in Pocc who can help deliver against briefs. They should be good at managing and supporting smaller teams to work on briefs whether internal or external.

The key aspects of the role centre around:

● Oversight of Pocc’s chosen out-of-the-box enterprise-level collaborative membership platform

● Subsequent building and rolling out of a replacement platform that integrates agency operations

● Managing solutions for the secure, backed-up and smooth running of Pocc’s recruitment and agency procedures

The Head of Technology is responsible for the planning and control of Pocc’s IT and Data Infrastructure whilst ensuring all technological activities comply with regulations.

● You’ll work with the Presidents to outline your business category goals and targets for the year

● Develop a sustainable technological plan for Pocc

● You’ll work closely with department Heads to set forecasts for the year and ambitions.

● Forecast monthly, quarterly and annual results

● Allocate, solutions, resources and manage cash flows

● Conduct suitability and efficiency analyses

● Develop secure procedures to maintain confidential information

● Ensure all technological activities and internal audits comply with data regulations

● Evaluate and consult founders and board members about tools, solutions and growth options

● Build a team of Pocc contributors to help support in the above. 

  • The POCC board is a voluntary position to be taken up by members with a passion for driving change and building a sustainable vision for our network
  • Board members will need to meet face to face at quarterly meetings, but communicate on a more regular basis throughout each month to activate tasks
  • We’ll be looking for commitment to these board roles for one year, upon which the role will open up again
  • We respect all of our POCC board and contributors occupy full-time employment so will endeavour to support the growth of individuals in their respective roles both within and outside of POCC 
  • As we continue to grow, our ambition is to compensate POCC contributors fairly for their time 
  • We will credit those who are contributing to the network
  • If you need further support, backing or resource to support your mission we will back you