2023 Film Fund: #YourSpace

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Shutterstock to launch the first POCC Film Fund in 2023. In honour of this year’s theme #YourSpace, the 2023 Film Fund will give two filmmakers of Global Majority Heritage £5,000 each to create their own short film answering the prompt:

What does ‘your space’ mean as we continue to fight for equality?



To celebrate the launch of the 2023 Film Fund, POCC Productions proudly presents ROBÉRT, a clarion call to enjoy what’s rightfully yours. Funded by 2POCC with support from Shutterstock, written and directed by CCO Kevin Morosky, and starring Candice Brathwaite and Tayla Morosky, ROBÉRT offers a vision of what living on this clapped island could be like when you, the Global Majority, claim #YourSpace.

POCC Film Fund 2023

Applications are now closed and will be reviewed by an independent panel of creative and production specialists from POCC, the POCC Community and Shutterstock. 

Shortlisted artists will be notified in August and invited to a round of interviews with our panelists to present their treatment and discuss production approach and support. 

Final filmmakers will be selected, notified and awarded the grant in August 2023. Once selected, films will need to be delivered by 15th December 2023, so please ensure you consider the production window between September and December this year before applying.

You can still download and read the full details of the brief.