Meet the December Artists In Residence: Photojournalism

January 8, 2024 / Aisha Badmus

Following the announcement of our brief in October, we invited artists to submit their artistic interpretations for our final theme: Photojournalism. Eight artists were selected from a wide number of submissions to receive a £500 grant.

POCC_Art Fund_Winner_Headshot_Daniel Housley

Daniel Chek-Shu Housley

With a focus on fashion & documentary photography, my work is often shaped by my own lived experience and explores ideas of identity, sexuality and culture. For me, photography is rooted in the dichotomy between naturalism and artificiality, and I love incorporating elements of both into my work.

Soony and Anta reunited in Lisbon, the city where they first met. As natives of two different countries, these reunions are few and far between, so each second spent together is precious. I wanted to capture the significance of small intimate moments like these, as significance is not only found in large scale movements but also in simple moments of progress.

POCC_Art Fund_Winner_Headshot_Dennis Eluyefa

Dennis Eluyefa

My name is Dennis, I’m a 24 year-old Hungarian-Nigerian photojournalist based in London. My snapshot-documentary style focuses on people and relationships within the spaces that I navigate, while my lens conveys my perspective as I negotiate the duality of being a participant as well as an observer.

The escalations in Gaza since October 7th have heightened tensions in the region and elicited varied responses from all over the world. One such response came from London on Saturday 14th October, as over 150,000 people, young and old, religious and not, took to the streets of the capital in one of the largest displays of solidarity for the Palestinian struggle the UK had ever seen, from the headquarters of the BBC, to the office of the Prime Minister who had shown unwavering support for Israel’s oppressive regime, to demand a ceasefire in Gaza and an end to Israeli occupation.

POCC_Art Fund_Winner_Headshot_Elam Elam

Elam Forrester

I’m a photographer & filmmaker based in London. My varied portfolio has taken me to El Salvador, Central America with short films screened at international film festivals. My credits include working as working as the Crowd Assistant Director for the Award winning Channel 4 feature film ‘Rocks’ and as an Assistant Cinematographer & Graphics Editor for the award winning documentary, Estate, a Reverie.

Beyoncé fan also know as a “BeyHive”, wears traffic stopping outfit as her and the rest of the hive head to the Renaissance world tour in Tottenham, London, 2023.

POCC_Art Fund_Winner_Headshot_Hollie Forson

Hollie Forson

Hollie is a British-Nigerian photographer who showcases passion and excellence into each photography project. With a versatile style, she effortlessly captures the inherent beauty around us, infusing her work with a vibrant artistic flair. Hollie offers a genuine glimpse into captivating moments, inviting viewers to share in her unique perspective on the world.

This photograph- ’Seoul Pride’, beautifully captures the vibrant spirit of Seoul, South Korea in the summer. It represents the dynamic energy of a community celebrating Pride Month. The towering rainbow flags symbolise unity and defiance against silence. The photograph itself epitomises the power of collective action and the journey towards equality and empowerment, encapsulating the essence of Pride in the heart of a bustling city!

POCC_Art Fund_Winner_Headshot_Noor Shahid

Noor Shahid

Noor has spent various years of her life in Saudi Arabia, Korea, Germany and Taiwan before finally moving to Lahore for five years. Now, she is working in fintech marketing in London after a postgraduate degree from Imperial College London. Outside of work, @noortakespics and writes – she enjoys taking photos of people and events from an authentic lens, and writes about thoughts, journal entries, and South Asian history.

In the midst of a 300,000+ person peaceful Palestine protest in London on October 21st, I caught a silent performance art piece on the steps of the Eros statue at Piccadilly Circus. Donning a Rishi Sunak mask, this man pulled out cash from his pockets to wipe his hands, dripping with ‘blood’, as cheers erupted around him. Without a word, he had made clear his stance: Rishi Sunak (UK’s prime minister), by failing to call for a ceasefire in the Israel-Palestine conflict, has blood on his hands that cannot be wiped clean with money.

POCC_Art Fund_Winner_Headshot_Radhika Muthanna

Radhika Muthanna

Radhika Muthanna, a fashion photographer, skillfully blends vivid imagery and raw emotions. Capturing the essence of moments, Radhika’s lens tells authentic stories through color, making her a distinct presence in the world of fashion photography. Her work is a celebration of individuality, where every image reflects a harmonious blend of style, culture, and personal narratives.

This piece celebrates the Holi festival, orchestrated by the UK Dev Bhoomi Trust in West Midlands. The charity president Dhanpal Singh Negi, brilliantly put the event together to unite people from various cultures. It stands as a vibrant testament to preserving heritage and traditions, connecting families in a joyous celebration. The colorful gathering, a manifestation of cultural diversity, reflects the Trust’s commitment to fostering unity and celebrating the richness of collective traditions in a multicultural society.

POCC_Art Fund_Winner_Headshot_Shilonite Simon-Mathurin

Shilonite Simon-Mathurin

Shilonite is a photographer and creative based in London. Her body of work is largely made up of portraiture, images of people and places that surround her, and her lived experiences. Her work is mainly motivated by the act of documentation, as she continuously tends to photograph loved ones and her everyday life – championing the act of preserving memories.

The project Living Legacies was inspired by wanting to create a piece of work to be shared with the public that marks the 75th anniversary of Windrush, but also as a way to connect with my family history and those with similar stories to my own. Living Legacies is a collaborative project focused on documenting the stories of individuals from Windrush’s 1st & 2nd generations to create intergenerational conversations and connections around the impacts and experiences of migration.

POCC_Art Fund_Winner_Headshot_Tia Bannon

Tia Bannon

“Tia Bannon is an actor, photographer, writer and inter-disciplinary artist from Ladbroke Grove, London. She trained at RADA.

Tia is a self-taught photographer whose work is anchored in exploring identity, embracing culture and finding community. Her approach to image making is intimate, considered and respectful. She’s interested in what it means to re-connect within the diaspora, in all its multitudes, after displacement. And in the practice of shifting the lens and resisting colonialism through portraiture, street and journalistic techniques. Utilising analog traditions, she sees photography as vital tool in the process of documentation, archival curation and lineage collation. “

“On 29th July 2023, O’Shea Sibley, a dancer and choreographer, was fatally stabbed for voguing at a gas station in Brooklyn.

On August 4th, people gathered in community at the gas station, to celebrate his life and to vogue, on a makeshift runway, as an form of protest against his murder, making it clear to the world:

Vogueing is not a crime

Being queer is not a crime

Being Black is not a crime”

Congratulations to all of the winners!