Ugochukwu Paul Nnaji

Ugochukwu Paul Nnaji is Law student and digital illustrator to whom art is a means of self-expression and science to be explored. He paints in various styles, but his work mainly centres around elevating real-life phenomena, objects and situations for the purpose of conveying a social message or a past experience in order to inspire and improve the lives of those around him for the better.

“I have never experienced a better means of achieving self-equity than saying of my past triumphs and mistakes, “I am grateful”. Peace With My Past features myself now at 19, with myself at 15, 11, and 7. This year, I began to embrace the creativity and vigour of my 7 and 11-year-old selves. My 15-year-old self got himself into a spine-damaging injury, so I’m in constant pain. I used to despise this injury but I decided to embrace it as a part of my history and this has been my most productive year as an artist! Peace with the past is strength for the future.”