Tobi Sobowale

At the heart of Tobi’s work is an intimate connection with her subject. The British-Nigerian Beauty and Fashion photographer from South London focuses on capturing the overlooked quieter expressions of people. Her work introduces narratives about Black beauty, identity, and culture, embracing themes of the past and how they present themselves in today’s world. Tobi challenges societal stereotypes that are placed on people, particularly black women, often inspired by her Yoruba heritage and upbringing in South London. Through visual storytelling, she uses bold colours and dynamic lighting to evoke emotion and thought for those who experience the work she creates.

Black Hair, although admired, is constantly discriminated against. In the UK, race-based hair discrimination remains a systemic problem in the workplace – from hiring practices to daily workplace and education interactions – disproportionately impacting Black women’s employment opportunities and professional advancement.

The “Don’t Touch My Hair” series is a body of work that celebrates the versatility of Black Hair by amplifying hairstyles such as the Afro. Looking at both the beauty and objectification of black women and their hair, this body of work aims to encourage and empower.