Srija Shrestha

Srija Shrestha is a Nepali artist and illustrator currently based in Scotland. She graduated from Teesside University with an MA in Illustration degree in 2022. She practised visual storytelling through zines, comics, riso prints, cyanotype prints and illustrated short films. Her work is based on the themes of mental health and emotional well-being. More recently, her practice engages the theme of home, belonging and identity. She has been practising presenting personal stories of exploring home and identity through the Nepali language and culture while also connecting them with the stories of finding a home away from home.

This illustrated piece titled ‘You Are Powerful’ is a gentle acknowledgement of everybody, especially Asian friends and families who are silently struggling with their mental health. Many Asians, particularly students who leave their home countries to pursue work or education in a new country face lots of mental health challenges like isolation, anxiety, extreme homesickness, feeling unsupported and lack of belongingness and identity. This illustration featuring soothing shades of blue and soft flowers sends love, peace, and encouragement to all those who need it now.

You are not alone!