Shade O. Thompson

Shade O. Thompson is a London-based portrait photographer who uses connection on set, and creative direction to help individuals build confidence, take ownership, freely express their vision and inspire.

After 10 years of experimenting with photography techniques, there was a recurring theme of the reaction of each person photographed: “Is this really me?” Individuals were in awe of their looks. These reactions led to the focus on highlighting the true beauty of people using their stance and supporting their mindset during the shoot. That’s how ‘Shade Did That – Photography’ was born, using Minimal Edits and Maximum Experience.

“Self-love and self-equity extend beyond the material forms; what we purchase, indulge in, and hide from the world. Its core value is rooted in the desires of the heart, intentions of the mind, and virtues of the spirit. Harnessing the reality of who you are without restricting your potential, in a society that may heighten one’s insecurities. To strengthen this is to create a space of liberation through assertion and, self-accountability filled with compassion, embracing your unique form. That is the epitome of true self-love and self-equity and what this image represents.”