Radhika Muthanna

Radhika Muthanna, a fashion photographer, skillfully blends vivid imagery and raw emotions. Capturing the essence of moments, Radhika’s lens tells authentic stories through color, making her a distinct presence in the world of fashion photography. Her work is a celebration of individuality, where every image reflects a harmonious blend of style, culture, and personal narratives.

This piece celebrates the Holi festival, orchestrated by the UK Dev Bhoomi Trust in West Midlands. The charity president Dhanpal Singh Negi, brilliantly put the event together to unite people from various cultures. It stands as a vibrant testament to preserving heritage and traditions, connecting families in a joyous celebration. The colorful gathering, a manifestation of cultural diversity, reflects the Trust’s commitment to fostering unity and celebrating the richness of collective traditions in a multicultural society.