Peonica Fernando

Peonica Fernando is an illustrator who takes a holistic approach to create work that is a celebration of themes including femininity, cultural identity, mental health, and social justice. Her work is greatly influenced by positive psychology; she uses detail, texture and earthy tones to create a warm, natural and welcoming atmosphere to her work as well as to evoke a sense of peace. Her aim is to empower others in their identities and to promote mindfulness and community through her illustrations.

‘Our Stories Matter’ is a response to the idea and aim that everyone should get a seat at the table. “This piece is for all of us in not only all our power and strength but also in our vulnerabilities and truths. When people see this piece, I want them to feel a warmth in the knowledge that their story is so important regardless of who they are! The work also serves as a reminder to fight for social equity by listening to the lived experiences of people, educating ourselves and fighting for positive change.”