Pen Lawani

I’m a London-based artist and freelance illustrator. Nostalgic animation has heavily influenced my art and my illustrations incorporate references from cartoons, anime, comics, and video games mixed in with modern references to music, fashion, and pop culture. Stylistically, I enjoy blending visual elements from Japanese, Western and Black cultures, creating strong characterisation in my art. I aim to use both fictional and non-fictional content to create an atmosphere of fantasy around my work and evoke a sense of traditional 2D animation as well as provide a modern reimagining of traditional characters.

All for One, One for All – Black representation has become stronger and more diverse. There’s more visibility in traditional and non-traditional careers but I fear it will never be enough as there will always be gatekeepers. Nonetheless, when one of us wins, all of us win. There may not be enough seats for us at the table but we always give shine back to our people, table or not. Inspired by the painting “The Wedding at Cana” and artwork for Logic’s album “Everybody”, this piece represents the individualism and collectivism of our culture. We continuously find ways to celebrate ourselves, especially by curating our own platforms.