Pavani Konda

Pavani Konda is a filmmaker, poet and storyteller. She is curious about the human attempt to find meaning in their existence, as well as how and what it means to be human shines through the differences in people’s history and culture. She explores both what it means to wonder and sometimes simply be a twenty-something brown girl that was born in India and grew up in the UK, in this world through the only way that even begins to help her make sense of things… words.

Are we all supposed to be fighters?

This is the question that my piece explores through words. It’s the contemplation of the wars waging within us over lifetimes and how simple it becomes at the end when we wonder what it all means. Our selves and the lives around us are affected by the powers that rule, whether it be political, social or spiritual. In this ever-changing world, this piece knows that these days our minds recognise the soldiers we’ve become but wonder if is that really what we’re made for. What have all these powers done to us?