Marie-Jeanne Kenji Maghoma

Kenji Maghoma is an assistant producer, DJ, creative researcher, poet, MC and charity trustee. Throughout her career she has worked on international campaigns, innovation programs and research projects all with a common thread, focusing on social justice and community. Kenji believes that art and culture play an important role in policy. It is through this creative lens that she sees transformational change and progress.

Cassava Love – Cassava, a remarkably adaptable and essential crop, holds a fundamental place in the diverse diets of communities representing the Global Majority. I was born in DRC, where Cassava is known for being impervious to famine due to its resilience, making it a critical resource in the face of climate change. As a ‘climate-smart’ crop, cassava is emerging as a topic of significance in discussions on the impending ramifications of climate change on food systems. This poem contributes to conversations concerning the future of food, exploring the multifaceted meanings of our diets, and the importance of protecting our planet’s valuable resources.