Lorraine Pryce

My name is Lorraine and I am a Black mother, woman, doula, and photographer; sharing stories through the written word and powerful life experience photography. I am here to change the narrative around birth and offer support to people to help them thrive through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum parenting journeys, especially those whose skin acts as a barrier to being seen, heard and held in their most vulnerable stages of life.

Do You See Me? – In the future, we won’t be a statistic. Black women and birthing people will thrive in our postpartum having been seen, heard and cared for in the way we have always deserved. We will be alive and living, breaking generational cycles, and becoming our ancestors’ dreams. Growing and nurturing our future and the future of babes who can stand tall and be proud of their journeys, without trauma holding them back. These images are part of a bigger body of work that I have created to represent and reflect the reality of being parents of colour. The work continues to grow and one day will be a symposium of mirrors reflecting on what more of society needs to see.