Kushiaania is a freelance illustrator and co-founder of an independent illustration studio – Mush Studio. Growing up British-Asian, Kush’s illustrations are designed to showcase the culture clash of balancing old school tradition whilst still finding and keeping your own identity. Her illustrations centre around strong, badass people being unapologetically themselves, tying in her love of fashion and pop culture. During the course of her freelance career, she has worked for brands such as Apple, WhatsApp, BBC Sport and Ribena.

Venus – “Growing up brown and female meant constantly being told from a young age to “cover-up” and stay modest. Self-expression was an uphill battle, constantly editing yourself in order to please others and the wider community. Growing and healing from these mindsets and allowing yourself to be your most authentic self is, in my opinion, one of the most empowering and beautiful acts of self-love we can do for ourselves.”