Jannell Adufo

Jannell Adufo is a British-Ghanaian artist who specialises in photography. Her love for photography has roots in portraiture and styling. With a background appreciation for fashion photography, her perspective draws on the ability to capture detail and connect with people. Jannell aims to snap the energy of her subject within the frame and represent them as they choose to be – leading to images that have been described as intimate and personal. Using photography as a means to transcend the time shared with a subject, she also includes “hidden easter eggs” placed by personal lived experiences and cultural background.

A Queen with Many Hearts – The Sun has become a Red planet, leaving the Earth inhabitable. Before doomsday, African scientists foreshadowed the death of the Sun. In an attempt to preserve the diaspora, all Afro-Caribbean descendants of all kinds of space-travel to the Sun under the instruction of African scientists. Upon arriving they discover that their melanin allows them to inhabit the Star, but also turns their skin pigment blue – all the same shade. “A Queen with Many Hearts” places blackness within a sphere of Afro-futurism whilst renegotiating stereotypes with bold and transformative imagery.