Isabelle Landicho

Isabelle Landicho is a multidisciplinary creative based in London, she has over ten years of industry experience with an extensive list of clients on multimedia projects. She is also the fashion director of The Earth Issue, a creative agency that upholds ecological sustainability, social justice and an empowered consciousness towards our planet and global society. Isabelle works on projects that encompass disciplines such as styling, art direction, public speaking & content creation. She is deeply passionate about conscious fashion & lifestyle, environmental intersectionality and diverse representation across industries.

No future without the past – My Grandma was part of the first wave of immigrants in the 70s. My parents had me in The Philippines and moved us to London for a “better life”. I think about what my life would look like if they hadn’t done this- what our future would have held. They sacrificed and worked for the promise of a better future for our family in a generational sense. Featured are my Lola, my Nanay and myself photographed by my friend Emily who is also of Filipino heritage. I cannot fathom leaving home for such an abstract future. But I am grateful that they did.