​Kelsen Onyedikachi Nnaji

​Kelsen Onyedikachi Nnaji is a hyper-realistic artist, digital artist and fabric painter.

‘No Limits’ is inspired by Kelsen’s interpretation of equity as: ‘levelling the playing field’.

“My painting addresses an important sector where we need to show equity in our society, which is education. Where I come from there is a lack of accessibility to quality education. The VR Oculus in Kelsen’s work represents technology as a means to close the gap in achieving and ensuring quality education. Some students assimilate better with auditory learning, some do better with visuals and others do well with role-playing. The student in the work is able to learn about space and other planets better with the oculus. Equity is a system of education, where students & teachers are given access to more creative methods of learning and teachers in turn tailoring their teaching styles to ensure all their students stand an equal chance at success.”