The art world is often exclusive, intimidating or inaccessible for young people, with many barriers of entry for those who do not have pre-existing connections or networks in the sector. This summer, Pocc partnered with Break Comms and Serpentine to launch Serpentine Studios – a nine week programme to amplify young creative voices and reimagine Serpentine as a hub for passionate audiences to engage with art. Nineteen young multidisciplinary artists took over the Galleries in Kensington Gardens to access a curated programme of learning, creative workshops, mentorship and unlimited access to Serpentine’s exhibitions.

“The programme allowed me to create quickly but also freely. I feel like I pushed and really expressed myself – there aren’t enough opportunities like that,” Hayleth

Alongside providing weekly creative mentorship of the young collective, Pocc designed a new visual identity and social awareness campaign to engage young people outside of the programme to visit the Serpentine and take advantage of its extensive range of free exhibitions. The visual identity included a new logo, colour palette and a graphic system that was designed to be adapted easily by the collective, allowing them to re-create their own content published on Serpentine’s channels. (Creds: For Ever Young Posters designed by @Jantibang and @alessandra.stl).

“My experience made friends of mine head down to the gallery to see the exhibition and find out more. It’s not just the members of Serpentine Studios who gain things from projects like this,” Sophie
“Serpentine Studios really helped me with my confidence and networking. It felt like a safe space and that feeling of support was the reason I performed my spoken word pieces at the event,” Kanesha

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