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£27,033 – 28,728 per annum

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Job Description

We are seeking a new team member to join the Data & Digital Preservation department in the role of Digital Media Specialist – Access. We are looking for someone who is able to meet the demands of digital access and preservation of audiovisual digital media within the BFI National Archive collections. With experience in technical functions including transcoding, media management, quality control or digital preservation, you will be able to utilise relevant tools to achieve access and preservation requirements meeting agreed standards and deadlines. You will also be able to demonstrate a knowledge of technical equipment relating to access and digital preservation, and alongside relevant colleagues ensure that digital media is well managed.

You will have a vocational qualification, or equivalent experience gained within professional
audiovisual technology or moving image archives. You will also have experience of working with
digital media formats or audiovisual technologies and equipment, be able to recognise and
diagnose technical problems, and understand the potential issues and challenges of access and
digital preservation requirements.

Key responsibilities:

  • To provide a range of technical functions on exclusively digital media including transcoding,
    media management, normalisation, quality control, upload to file transfer solutions, and
    ingest to the Digital Preservation Infrastructure to meet the BFI National Archive’s digital
    access, acquisition and preservation objectives.
  • Operate all technical equipment relating to performing digital access and digital preservation
    operations on exclusively digital media, including workstations, transcoding software, Quality
    Control tools and associated data storage peripherals.
  • To assist with and advise on specifications, quality control and verification processes in
    collaboration with colleagues, to meet agreed quality standards and deadlines.

Skills & Experience:

  • Experience of working with a wide range of digital audiovisual formats, equipment and software
  • Can demonstrate an understanding of relevant digital audiovisual formats including (but not
    limited to) Digital Cinema Packages, Apple ProRes / Quicktime, DPX and open source FFV1
    / Matroska
  • Ability to recognise and diagnose technical problems with digital media and where
    appropriate deliver first line remedial action
  • Working familiarity with common computer operating systems including Windows, Mac OS
    or Linux

How to Apply

The closing date for applications is 23:59 on Monday 23 January 2023
First interviews will be held on Tuesday 31 January 2023
Second interviews will be held on Tuesday 07 February 2023